Bill and Cara


We've had two dogs. An Akita named Cara (her kennel name was Jomar’s Catch Me if You Can), and a retired racing Greyhound called Bill. Bill passed away on Sep 29th 2005, Cara passed away on Jan 17th 2006. The house feels so empty.


A friend heard that Bill was ill and took a bunch of photos of him for us. So kind.

Bill Sep 2005.

Bill Sep 2005, this time with the girl.

In the snow - Jan 2004.

Cara during the St. Johns Bridge reopening, Sep 2005.


Satchmo now has more feline company. Over the last three years or so we've acquired two more cats.

This is Belldandy about to swat Satchmo.

KC in repose in front of a window.

Christmas for KC means wrapping paper.

Bell decided that the underside of the carpet was far too interesting. KC wasn't as sure.



Recently (summer 2001) we've acquired a cat, by the name of Satchmo (since he has such big cheeks) - you won't find very many photo's of him here since he moves way too fast for my digital camera and if I use flash he always manages to get his eyes closed before the picture is complete. However I've managed to get one that shows him off accurately :-)

OK so this is a year for flat dogs, first we have Bill.

And then we have Cara :-)


Cara playing Flyball. She loves it.


Cara has stopped looking quite the dufus that she used to, and we've gained a new dog.   Billy is a retired racing Greyhound, he's almost 7 in most of these shots.   The snow shots go to prove that Portland does get some winter (though it didn't last very long), and were taken in the Winter of early 1998.  The summer shorts (that's the ones with the bleached grass) were taken summer 1998, Cara is now about 20 months old.

Billy, looking remarkably alert.

BillyAlertTmb.gif (9719 bytes)

Cara, cute and curious.  This was just prior to her slobbering all over the camera :-(

caratmb.gif (9284 bytes)

A more traditional pose for Billy - lounging around.

BillyLoungingtmb.gif (10352 bytes)

Playing in the snow

Snow1 tmb.gif (5999 bytes)

And again :-)

snow2tmb.gif (8282 bytes)

No snow this time, but more of the same larking around.

dogstmb.gif (9671 bytes)

Yep, one of these isn't a dog.  I'm the bearded one in the hat.

GuynBillytmb.gif (8590 bytes)


OK, this isn't a dog.  This is Max, a carpet python.  He's about 18 months old here.

maxtmb.gif (8864 bytes)


The Early Photos.

 Cara was born on October 9, 1996.

3 weeks old…

 200x201 20k

Show Dog!

I guess she's about 7 weeks old.

 260x200 30k

3 Months and the ears still aren’t up.


153x200 25k

Dufus Dog.

5 months old.

 305x480 70k

Cara the mutant.

 500x330 97k

Cute or what?

 500x318 74k

400x398 75k


310x500 65k


540x500 136k